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As an orthopaedic surgeon with a particular interest in ankles, Dr Crane is highly experienced in the treatment of ankle conditions such as ankle sprains, peroneal and tibialis posterior tendon tears, weak or unstable ankles, microfractures for cartilage injuries, ankle arthritis, Achilles tendonitis and Achilles rupture. He is specialised in conservative management techniques including PRP injections and cortisone injections. He is highly trained in the full range of traditional open surgeries and arthroscopic surgery techniques for treatment of suitable cases, including:

  • Ligament repair and reconstruction
  • Ankle fusion (arthrodesis)
  • Calcaneal spur removal

In addition to these surgeries, Dr Crane also performs ankle replacement surgery. Since he was the first to perform a Zimmer ankle replacement on the African continent, he has extensive expertise in this regard. As opposed to ankle fusion (arthrodesis) for the treatment of arthritis in the ankle, which leaves a patient with a stiff and immobilised ankle joint and the potential for further osteoarthritis of the surrounding foot joints, Dr Crane advises a total ankle replacement when suitable as it maintains the mobility of the joint producing a more natural and functional gait.


As a full time orthopaedic surgeon at Mediclinic Cape Town, Doctor Jason Crane offers advanced orthopaedic care in a state-of-the-art medical facility on the slopes of Table Mountain.


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